Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ugly but Tasty

My dislike of carrots holds only a weak candle to my abhorrence of peas, but if Bugs Bunny's favorite snack should vanish from this earth, I'd shed no tears. The Resident Gardener, of course loves carrots and insists on growing them -- not just the basic orange variety but also yellow and purple ones. Now you can call a carrot 'Yellowstone' or 'Cosmic Purple' but it's still a carrot and I'd still rather not eat it.
This weekend, however, I found a dead-simple way to cook our home-grown carrots that resulted in my actually liking both the taste and the texture: I was fixing Nigella Lawson's Loin of Pork with Bay Leaves from "How to Eat" and didn't have enough onions to make a sufficient base for the roast. I rummaged through the vegetable bin and pulled out some particularly gnarly yellow carrots. With my favorite little cheap-o Y-shaped vegetable peeler I made slim carrot ribbons, mixed them with the pitiful little pile of sliced onions and then topped the vegetables with bay leaves and the pork.
By the time the meat was cooked, the carrot ribbons had braised in it's herby juices and were, I must admit, extremely tasty. Resident Gardener claims it was due to superior basic ingredients but I think of it as The Miracle of the Pork Drippings.


lmc said...

you are sweet and kind and a lovely writer, however you are insane. peas and carrots are the BEST.

pork too, of course.

Anonymous said...

When I think of all the years you tried to get me to eat my vegetables and ten years on, I have begun to do just that, and then you OUT yourself as a pea-phobe and a carrot-case...

But I am going to steal the ribbon idea! And I am sorry, but those big gnarly carrots look like Mandrake root ala Harry Potter.