Sunday, August 19, 2007

Charcuterie of My Dreams

I've been to three farmers' markets in the last eight days -- despite having my own rather substantial vegetable garden. But I've been seeking sausages rather than late summer produce. Sausages and bacon and mortadella and the savory little patties encased in caul fat that the French call crepinettes.
The source of all these porcine delights is an artisan enterprise called Severino's -- a labor of love and skill by butcher/chef Justin Severino and his wife Hilary. Their output is small: they sell only at farmers' markets in Santa Cruz and the South Bay and if you arrive late at the market, many items will be sold out. (Read more at
Many years ago I had a simple but delicious lunch in the French village of Blois. The weather was so beastly that J and I chose the restaurant mostly to escape the driving rain. There was a fire in the fireplace, a nice local wine available by the carafe and grilled sausages that still haunt my memories. The sausages crafted by Justin Severino are every bit as wonderful as those I ate in Blois. And, if you live within 50 miles of Santa Cruz, a lot easier to find.


mamele said...

this post would make my pork-lovin' hubby weep with longing.

lmc said...

it's possible i could leave the city limits for these.

the story of the rainy day in france ... well, i must go.