Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sweeter than Mother's Love

My feelings about yellow-kernel corn on the cob can be summed up by a question a French friend once asked: "Is that not something one feeds to the horses?"
But corn with tiny white kernels -- grown in South Jersey, harvested early in the morning, heaped on a wooden table in a vegetable stand a few hours later and cooked that night -- heaven.
This summer J has been grilling the corn and we're all loving it. No more cauldron of water steaming up the kitchen--just sweet, tender corn steamed in its own juices and rushed to the table.

To prep the corn, J pulls back the husks, removes all the silk (well, most of it), closes up the husks and wraps each ear in aluminum foil. These packages go on the gril for about 15 minutes, with one turn about halfway through the cooking time.

And each time she takes her first bite, my mother -- who has been eating sweet Jersey corn for nearly 90 summers -- sighs and says: "Sweet as Mother's love."


halcyondays said...

Story about said Mother's Love flavored corn!!!

mamele said...

for some reason we've had only crappy corn this season. white and yellow. i hope matters improve! hitting the farmer's market this weekend.

mikki said...

If you go to YouTube and search on cats and corn, there are like a million videos of cats eating corn on the cob. Just FYI.

halcyondays said...

I missed the part about Mimi. That's wonderful. Wonderful. My Dad is the same about Fried Green Tomatoes.

lmc said...

i picked fresh corn at the farm last weekend and cooked it within an hour; it was so good! (though yours sounds better.)

Ellen said...

try the grilled corn with a smoked paprika/salt combo. it's magic.