Monday, September 3, 2007

No-Souffle Tuesday

Between the heat and the holiday, souffle-making fell off the To Do list last week, but I have several interesting recipes to test and hope to have one to share next week.

I saw on the Chez Panisse website that lucky diners there recently got to enjoy a corn and chanterelles souffle. How luscious does *that* sound? Or corn souffle with zucchini blossoms? When I attempt to reverse-engineer a savory souffle recipe from a mere mention I usually start with Julia Child's "General Proportions" chart:

For a 6-cup mold:
Thick bechamel made from 2 1/2 Tb butter, 3 Tb flour and 1 cup liquid
4 egg yolks, beaten into sauce
3/4 cup cheese/fish/meat/vegetables
5 beaten egg whites folded in
(if the meat/vegetable component is particularly dense, I'll often add a sixth egg white)

But for the next couple weeks I'll be sticking to full recipes rather than educated guess work. Particularly if this damned heat spell breaks soon.

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