Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mmmm: Meatball Sandwich

No, I did NOT eat this entire sandwich. but I could have. The piece I *did* consume could serve as a Platonic ideal for sandwiches -- moist meat, sauteed onions, fresh basil, roasted red pepper sauce, provolone cheese and arugula. The layers of flavor and freshness of ingredients were typical of the splendid sandwiches available each day at Carried Away in Aptos, California.
Owners Tom McNary and Mima Lecocq met while working at Chez Panisse, which immediately tells you a lot about the philosophy underlying the fare at this sophisticated little take-out shop.
The soups are just as good as the sandwiches; the entrees are imaginative and delicious, the cookies addictive and the pizza my favorite in the Bay Area.

One weekend we served Tom's Gorgonzola, roasted red onion and walnuts pizza to houseguests for Saturday lunch. On Sunday morning our chums told us they had to leave early because of pressing chores at home. Their bags were packed and standing by the door when one of them asked, "By any chance is there some of that pizza left? And if there is, were you planning to serve it for lunch?"
When I replied that it indeed would be on the lunch menu, they suddenly decided they didn't need to depart quite as quickly as they'd thought. After lunch would be fine.
The moral of this story: Only serve Carried Away's food to houseguests you want to linger.

If you can't get to Aptos you can find some of Carried Away's recipes on their website:


Casey said...
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Lisa said...

That's great, your friends staying. One would definitely have to factor in the lingering when deciding where to get the takeout!

I love the name of the place. So perfect. And that sandwich, yikes.

Katie Zeller said...

How big was the 'piece' and do they do mail order?

Anonymous said...

Love the addition of arugula on the sandwich.I'm hungry now:)