Thursday, May 1, 2008

Food Festival: Finale


Because our own garden is rich with lettuces and herbs right now, we didn't buy much produce at the Ferry Building Farmers' Market -- a couple of apples, a few fava beans, some heirloom tomatoes -- but filled our shopping bags instead with organic lamb and pork, several loaves of bread and eggs with pastel shells and deep orange yolks. But my favorite items came from the sublime Boulettes Larder.
By shortly after 10 am the little shop already had sold out of the stuffed quails I'd had my taste buds set on, but there was still a thick slice of pork rillettes available, as well as canneles as good as any I've eaten in France and some muhammara -- a Middle Eastern red pepper, walnuts and pomegranate molasses spread I adore.
Since we finished off the muhammara within a few days, I've been experimenting with making my own. So far, I like best this recipe from Paula Wolfert, found on David Leite's excellent website, Culinaria.

And since the two canneles lasted only a couple of hours after our arrival home, I'm contemplating making a batch of them as well -- although they'll require considerably more time and culinary skill than making muhammara does. I have the molds -- bought in Paris -- but not sure I have the requisite patience.

Oh, and if you think I bought this cheese mostly because I loved the label, you think the truth.


Zoomie said...

I'd have fallen for that cheese label, too!

Gorgeous Things said...

I would definitely have bought that cheese, just for the label! My next door neighbor has a Puggle named Pugsley, and I would have bought two - one for me, one for him!

Anonymous said...

send me those molds post haste.

Casey said...

Aren't they divine? I bought them from a locked case at a shop in Paris--they're almost impossible to find any more; everyone wants you to buy the vile and hideous silicone version.