Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Fare

Halloween in downtown Los Altos, where ya could die from the cuteness.
Chiquita Banana

Gorgeous Green Bean

Cutest-ever Chili Pepper

Morose Macaroni and Cheese

And, my favorite: a dog named Truffle, posing as a sushi platter


mamele said...

the cuteness! killing me! i think my fave is the sullen (or soulful?) mac and cheese. it looks homemade!

rowena said...

Ok, I gotta say that the dog takes the prize for walking around with a plate of sushi. Way too cute...all of them!

LoveAppleFarm said...

Casey, I love the way you've chosen only food-related costumes. Who knew there were so many possibilities? By the way, I've got a new blog up and would love your feedback. I've got J's email address, but not yours, or else I would have emailed you directly. Oh, please share with J, too. Trust you are both well. Last time I saw J it was last Thanksgiving here at the farm. Boy, does time fly!